Upcoming Advocacy Opportunities

Did you know that Representative Dr. Kim Schrier of Washington’s 8th Congressional District is JUST HOME FROM ISRAEL? Schrier visited Israel as part of a 41-member Congressional delegation trip organized by AIPAC. Hadassah Seattle and Hadassah Pacific Northwest are working to put together a Day in the District meeting with Rep. Schrier to discuss Hadassah policy priorities including combatting anti-Semitism. If you would be interested in participating in a Day in the District meeting to visit Dr. Schrier’s office, please let me know here.

Looking to get involved on a slightly larger scale? Our chapter is looking for someone to represent Hadassah as part of the Jewish Community Action Network, a coalition of local Jewish organizations and leaders who advocate on behalf of Jewish policy priorities at the state and local levels of government. For additional information, including the possibility of sharing the role with a co-representative, send us your contact information here.