What People Are Saying about #MeToo Event

“It was lovely meeting you at yesterday’s Hadassah Meeting.  Diana was a wonderful Hostess.  Everyone was warm & welcoming.  I can understand why your Group is so dynamic.  I enjoyed Sharona’s talk; so timely and meaningful. I look forward to the March 1 meeting.” —  Ilene Bernik

Dr. Sharona Gordon’s presentation was informative and inspiring, providing her perspective on harassment in academia. It was sobering to hear, though not surprising to me, as I have worked in health care administration at the University of Washington and Harborview Medical Centers and UW School of Medicine.

I deeply appreciate Dr. Gordon’s approach, helping to mentor and cultivate a deeper understanding within her profession, and the larger world, about the ways gender disparity and sexual harassment and violence are damaging to both women and men. Her careful attention to presenting her message with a spirit of compassion and collaboration bode well for success in changing society.” — Patti Simon, guest of Diana Brement

”I was impressed!!  Sharona is a real ‘Woman of Valor’. Her efforts to reduce the amount of sex-based bias and educate those in her department and the larger UW School of Medicine are brave. Her focus on the importance of communication & collaboration gets my vote!!
I was also very impressed by her ability to recognize her own personal struggle to be non-judgmental. Her empathetic story about the student she interviewed who was experiencing homelessness was touching for me as someone whose work centers around providing care to this population.”  — Cheryl Berenson.