What People are Saying About: Let’s Talk Movies

We had a great night of discussion about the films at this year’s Jewish Film Festival. Our conversation was led by Beryl Cohen and we were joined by Israeli Deputy Consul General to the Pacific North West, Matan Zamir.

Some thoughts from those in attendance:

“Great discussion! Enticed me to see some of the movies I wasn’t able to see during SJFF.  Since I wasn’t able to watch “Mrs G,” it was difficult to follow the first half of the discussion.” —  Deni Hirsh

“Meeting Matan Zamir (Israeli Deputy Consul General to the PNW) and hearing what Israelis thought when “Incitement” was shown there.  It’s a different perspective from what we think.  He said that every Israeli can still remember exactly what and where he/she was doing when they heard the news of Rabin’s assassination.  It reminded me later of what many of us felt and remembered exactly what and where we felt when we heard of President Kennedy’s assassination.”  —  Janice Kaplan-Klein

“Good exchange of information.  Normally don’t like ZOOM events.  This one went off without a hitch; clear pictures and audio.”  —  Ilene Bernik