Virtual Day in the District with Congresswoman Dr. Kim Schrier

On Monday, August 31st, Hadassah’s Seattle Chapter and Pacific Northwest Region held our 1st Virtual Day in the District with Congresswoman Dr. Kim Schrier (Washington State, 8th District), accompanied by staff members Wendy Muzzy and A. Bissonette. Five PNW Region and Seattle Chapter Hadassah members participated via Zoom: Susan Glicksberg, National State Advocacy co-chair and PNW Education and Advocacy chair, Ettie Davis, Seattle Chapter President, Deni Hirsh, Seattle Chapter Advocacy Chair, Gillian Witus, Seattle Chapter Membership VP and Jeri Bernstein, Seattle Chapter member. Stacey Dorenfeld, National State Advocacy co-chair, also participated.

We shared some basics about Hadassah and asked Dr. Schrier if she was a member.  She didn’t think she was, but thought she should be! We are following up on this!

We thanked Congresswoman Schrier for co-sponsoring the Never Again Education Act, which was signed into law at the end of June, and discussed the United Nations Relief and Works Agency (UNRWA) and the Peace and Tolerance in Palestinian Education Act (HR 2343). She was familiar with UNRWA but less so with the bill.

We shared what Hadassah is doing to fight COVID-19 and thanked the Congresswoman for co-sponsoring the EMPIL-DOC Act. We spoke about Clinical Trial Access and Improving Medical Research and urged the Congresswoman to co-sponsor the Clinical Treatment Act (HR 913). Dr. Schrier shared an update about the federal government’s COVID-19 response efforts. She expressed her frustration with the current administration and the fact that it’s been so difficult for both parties to find common ground about the next relief package because of politicization. We asked what we could do to help. She suggested calling the White House and Mitch McConnell to break things loose.  Dr. Schrier mentioned that the administration does not seem to recognize the plight of state and local governments financially.

We discussed Hadassah’s work in infertility and asked for the Congresswoman’s support of The Access to Infertility Treatment Act (HR 2803).  She was interested, but surprised at the statistics, asking if the routine screening for Chlamydia in teenagers had changed those statistics.

We asked Dr. Schrier to share her current priorities. She discussed the COVID Relief bill passed by the house 3 months ago, but stalled in the funding phase. She felt that some emergency funding could go into the budget that has to be done by the end of September. As a follow-up, we sent talking points on the three bills she was not yet a co-sponsor of and requested again that she support them (HR 2343, HR 913 and HR 2803). We expressed our thanks to her again for her support on the bills she is a co-sponsor of.