Thrive: Be the CEO of your Heart Health a Recap

Dr. Sarah Speck and Ettie welcome everyone at the door

Ettie shows the “Jewish Heart” formed by the 2 lameds from “Elul” facing each other.
What guests said

Thank you for organizing such an amazing event last night. A great turnout. I tend to get overwhelmed when it comes to medical terminology etc but I know I came away having a better understanding of what to be aware of when it comes to the heart. Please thank Joy and her husband for the delicious meal and for opening their home for the event. —Beryl Cohen

The heart program provided informative and useful information. We appreciate the time and effort Dr. Speck brought to this program. Our hosts Joy and David Stiefel and their helpers did an outstanding job with dinner, a great time was had by all! Vivian Blum

The evening was informative.  Dr. Speck was clear and answered all questions. I understood more about the use of low dose aspirin and CoQ10 in the prevention of heart disease.  It was a very worthwhile event.— Gloria Rogan

Risk Factors for a Heart and Stroke

Dr. Speck manipulates her model of the human heart to show us how our hearts work.