The Census MATTERS! Be counted TODAY!

Stay-home orders are certainly complicating American life, including the crucial U.S. Census process. 

April 1st marked the official start of the 2020 Census, and all households can complete the Census from HOME … online at, by phone, or by paper questionnaire. Completing the census now relieves burdens on government follow-up and nonprofit get-out-the-count efforts.

In a recent Op-Ed, former Washington Governor Gary Locke makes the case for all Americans to take the time to complete the Census surveys online or over the phone. “If we want the political power we deserve in the Halls of Congress and in Olympia, if we want our voices fully heard on the issues we care about, we need to be counted,” Locke wrote.

Locke should know … during the 2010 Census, he was U.S. Secretary of Commerce, the official who oversaw the process. As a result of that 2010 count, Washington state had grown in population enough to gain a 10th seat in Congress, which meant one more vote and voice representing the state’s interests.