Thank you Jen Mohr

Jen Mohr, M.Ed
Advocate, Project DVORA
JFS of Greater Seattle

“Thanks to Jen Mohr  for explaining so clearly how to recognize signs of domestic violence and how we can help. And thanks to Sarah Hilchie for organizing and moderating this important discussion.My key takeaways -No community is exempt from domestic violence. We can call on Project Dvora for help.”—Rochelle Kochin

“I would say it’s about paying attention to the details because domestic violence can affect anyone.  It can affect our friends or neighbors and we must stay connected.”—Debbie Kaplan Clancy

“This was such an important program for Hadassah to offer — thank you! I appreciated the valuable information Jen Mohr shared about recognizing the power and control dynamic and early signs of an abusive relationship.” —Sheri Davis

“Immediately after Jean Mohr’s exceptional presentation to our Seattle Hadassah women, I added her contact information into my IPhone contacts, under Project Dvora.  As Hadassah sisters, we never know when we will be called upon to offer a friend or family member this critical resource.  Now I will always be ready.”—Susan Adler

Connect with us in Project DVORA 

• Calls are confidential
• We can help you think through options
• Person in relationship reaches out directly for services

Friend or family member can reach out for support as well

Call: (206) 861-3159
Inquire through our website: 

Links to other information: