Thank you Griff Lambert at Jewish Family Services discussing how to assist Afghan Refugees

Thank You  תודה  todah  to Griff Lambert of the JFS        

Risa Coleman

Thank you for  shining a light on the Jewish Family Service’s committed response to the Afghan refugees.  We extend our thanks to JFS speaker, Griff Lambert, to Hadassah moderator, Risa Coleman, and Hadassah Program VP, Beryl Cohen.Link to Recording:   

JFS RESOURCESSupporting local resettlement efforts

  • Join our on call volunteer list: volunteers are needed to assist with storage organization, food delivery and other tasks to support our resettlement efforts. Please email or fill out our volunteer inquiry form found at
  • Sponsor an apartment set up: procure all of the essential household items needed to help welcome newly arrived refugees into their new homes. Items include: pots and pans, utensils, bedding and hygiene items. Groups are also welcome to assist with moving in and setting up an apartment.
  • Procure furniture donations: procure large, gently used furniture items such as couches, dining tables and chairs for newly arrived refugees and store them until the resettlement team is ready to move them into an apartment.
  • Host an in-kind drive: create and run your own in-kind drive in your community to support our new neighbors. Sample drives include: coats, kid toys, diapers and wipes and feminine hygiene items.
  • Create a non-perishable food box for a family of four: create and donate a food box of items culturally specific to newly arriving refugee families.
  • Make “welcome cards”: Letters or cards are appreciated with positive, warm messages. These will be left for families once an apartment is set up for them, providing a colorful welcome from the community.

Please contact for more details about each of these projects.

And if anyone is interested in giving: 

Advocacy:  Write to your congressmen to keep Biden Administration focused on getting out the rest of Afghans promised passage to US

Legal Services:  If you can offer pro bono legal services, see link regarding legal alliance.

Airfare:  To provide Afghan evacuees with a free ticket to their new home in America, see link to