Thank You from Susan Pass – Redmond Ridge Fundraiser

Hello everyone. In this room, I see so many friendly faces. Thank you all for attending today’s Mah Jongg and Game Day, for making this fundraiser a success.

I was hoping for a good turnout. Those of you who know me well, know that I am a worrier, worry is not my middle name, worry is my first name. I thought, “Oh my goodness, what if no one comes?” Well, we filled the room! I am grateful and humbled by your attendance to honor me and to support Hadassah.

I want to introduce my family. Jim and I just celebrated our 50th Wedding Anniversary!! Also with us today is my sister Leslie Amira and my daughter Debra Jacobson.

A huge thank you to the committee for their energy, tireless efforts, the many meetings, planning and organization, with attention to every detail, a truly dedicated army of volunteers.The delicious lunch was prepared and donated by Hadassah members and friends.

I appreciate the very generous “angels” that underwrote the cost of the room rental and supplies in order to preserve our fundraising dollars. Please stand: Jeff and Darlene Siegel, Esther and Bruce Caplan.

Why Hadassah Hospital? Hadassah is friendship, sisterhood, leadership, focusing on the mission of healthcare and state-of the art medicine. The world-renown Hadassah Medical Organization in Israel serves over one million patients a year regardless of race, religion or nationality. In addition to patient care, Hadassah Hospital leads the way, conducting research for diabetes, breast cancer, Parkinson’s Disease, and more.

I want to tell you about my mother Selma Amira. Mom was smart, independent, a life-long learner, lovely, and charming. She acted and looked like a lady from her hair, make-up, jewelry, and clothes.

At the age of 89, she started falling, losing strength in her legs, her balance unstable. My Mom, my role model for independence, physical and emotional strength was diagnosed with ALS, Lou Gehrig’s Disease. Within 6 months of diagnosis, her health rapidly diminished.

In this evil progressive disease, the nerves that control our muscles deteriorate. Mayo Clinic, Harvard affiliate Massachusetts General Hospital, and Hadassah Hospital have partnered in the research and treatment of ALS, trials using stem cell therapy, identifying genetic mutations, and the development of a diagnostic blood test.

In memory of my beloved mother I am dedicating all proceeds from today’s event for the research, cure and treatment of ALS at Hadassah Hospital.

In closing, I offer a blessing to you all, a phrase I learned from my grandmother, my Noni: “Saludosos buenos para mucho anos, translated, “Good health for many years.” Thank you again, enjoy the afternoon.