Summer Advocacy Activities

I love this photo. Shortly before it was taken, the coordinator of Day-on-the-Hill 2018 proclaimed, “Neither rain, nor lack of umbrella, nor frizzy hair will keep us from advocating on behalf of Hadassah!” – and, of course, while all of those things transpired, none of them dampened our enthusiasm nor deterred us from our mission.

Another thing not impeding our advocacy efforts is the arrival of summer. Two months have elapsed since our day in “the other Washington,” and while it was exhilarating to meet with members of Congress and their staff in the heart of our nation’s capital, there is plenty of work to be done locally. “Neither sunny skies, nor lack of sunscreen, nor sunburned noses…”

August is shaping up to be a busy month for the Seattle Hadassah Advocacy Committee. We have been asked by Hadassah National to pursue a Day-in-the-District meeting with Senator Patty Murray while she is home during the Senate’s August recess. Once we’ve secured an appointment, we will share the details. The Committee also plans to participate in a state and local government advocacy training conducted by the Federation. As always, if joining us in these endeavors appeals to you, please let us know. Advocacy is not just a democratic imperative; it can also be a lot of fun.

We are happy to welcome new members to our committee, as well as any Seattle Hadassah member who is looking for an opportunity to speak up and be heard. For additional information to get involved, please reach out via email. I look forward to hearing from you and to advocating on behalf of Hadassah together.


Kindra Cooper, Chair, Seattle Hadassah Advocacy Committee