Opening Doors to 2019

Five Hadassah-red balloons marked where to turn to meet the valet down the hill to Seattle Hadassah’s first program of 2019.  So much Seattle sun and blue skies, it was a glorious day to be in a beautiful home with a view of Lake Washington.  President Susan Adler presided for the last time, thanking our hosts, Tami and Marty Rabin, who treated us to cheeses and crackers, the best mock chopped liver, cakes, cookies, and hospitality. 

Susan thanked the old Board and discharged them, measuring  their success by three metrics—leadership, membership, and fundraising—and proudly declared  their legacy:  they left the Chapter much stronger.

With the theme of light illuminating the path for the new Board, Susan installed each new member as she lit a candle in one of the glassy babies lined up on the buffet.  Susan announced what each flame represents:

Involvement Facilitator Julie Chivo
Tzedakah Treasurer Cindy Garbell
Accomplishment Recording Secretary Rochelle Kochin
Acknowledgement Corresponding Secretary Debbie Robinson
Hope Development VP Deni Hirsh
Leadership IT/Communications Ricki Gafter
Engagement Membership VP Gillian Witus
Engagement Membership Outreach VP Julie Nathan
Planning Program Co-Chair Beryl Cohen
Advocacy Advocacy Chair Kindra Cooper
Vision President Ettie Davis

The last to be installed was Ettie.  Click here to read her vision for our chapter.

The program continued with Kindra Cooper leading the conversation on defining “What is that Zionist piece in our name, Hadassah, the Women’s Zionist Organization of America?”  Acknowledging there are many different kinds of Zionism, it was practical Zionism that Henrietta Szold meant when she founded Hadassah to support “The Healing of the Daughters of My People”, with nurses and doctors and medicine for all people living in what was then Palestine.  To learn more about Zionism, Kindra told about starting a Zionist Book Club with Gil Troy’s “The Zionist Ideas”. 

Hadassah appreciates the hosts, Tami & Marty Rabin; the video-taker, Marty; the caterer, Tony Sofge; and the coordinator, Susan Pass.