May 2020


Impressed!  When I read the story February 18, “Hadassah Doctor Flies to Japan To Look After Israelis With Coronavirus,” I thought it was remarkable, and it must have been really important for infectious disease specialist, Dr. Ran Nir-Paz, to board the Diamond Princess, tend to the Israelis, and confer with the Japanese doctors about Covid-19.  He did not want the patients to bring it home to Israel.  They all self-quarantined.

Overwhelmed!  With all the news of the US response, I admit I “escaped” to Hadassah’s website to understand Israel’s response.  I started seeing Dr. Nir-Paz—as well as other respected doctors— giving advice and updates about Covid, the chronology offering me a small sense of order. I also started seeing articles about Hadassah testing experimental Japanese drugs. I hope you’ll check out the webpage here.

Warned!  Repeatedly, on the webpage, cardiologists cautioned men and women with heart disease:  do not let the fear of catching Covid keep you from coming to the hospital if you have symptoms.  And U.S. cardiologists say the same thing, but sadly, fear is a powerful emotion.  We all need to be there for each other to listen carefully to what the other is afraid of.

Proud!  Some of our members are involved professionally or volunteering with Covid.  You know who you are—please let me know, and thanks.

Ettie Davis, President

Events Calendar

THRIVE: Be the CEO of Your Life Presents
INSIGHT ON YOUR EYES, a virtual experience
Wednesday, May 13, 7:30-8:15pm

Dr. Leveque will offer insight on eye diseases, blindness, and how to protect and maintain your precious gift of sight. In addition, she is happy to answer other questions including those on dry eyes and computers, safety glasses, UV sunglasses, vitamins, and diet.

Seattle Hadassah is very appreciative of Dr. Leveque giving her time and expertise, staying flexible in finding a date that works.

Cost: FREE Register Here

Virtual Hadassah Magazine Discussion
Sunday, May 24, 11:00am – 12:00pm

Join us for a lively discussion straight out of the May/June issue of Hadassah Magazine.  When you get your Magazine around May 15, please be sure to read the article about teen girls asking their moms some thoughtful questions.  The girls are some of the editors of the JGirls* online Magazine.  Maybe you can join this virtual event with your own daughter/granddaughter, sitting together or apart.  Ettie’s granddaughter, Annie Poole, is one of those fortunate enough to be featured in the article and will be helping lead the discussion.  Should be fun!

*JGirls is a leadership development organization sponsored in part by Hadassah Foundation. 

Cost: FREE Register Here
Advocacy Updates

Stay-home orders are certainly complicating American life, including the crucial U.S. Census process. 

April 1st marked the official start of the 2020 Census, and all households can complete the Census from HOME … online at, by phone, or by paper questionnaire. Completing the census now relieves burdens on government follow-up and nonprofit get-out-the-count efforts.

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Holocaust Education

Holocaust education is a priority for Hadassah.  For years Hadassah has worked with bill sponsors in the House and Senate to pass the Never Again Education Act.  The legislation would  establish a federal program and fund to award Holocaust education grants to educational institutions offering classes, resources, teacher training, and student field trips. 

Passed in the House on January 27, 2020, we can’t celebrate till it passes in the Senate.  In honor of Yom HaShoah, Hadassah’s leadership sent a letter to the Senate urging swift passage of this critical bill. Join Seattle Hadassah in taking action!  Write to your senators and call their offices in support of the Never Again Education Act.

Other News

Zoom Happy Hour Follow Up

Thanks to everyone who participated in our

Happy Hour

On Tuesday, April 21st

We had FUN and made CONNECTIONS☺!

Looking forward to seeing you all again soon!

Beyond Our Chapter

Dr. Ran Nir-Paz on Covid-19

Recorded Webinar 4.20.20

@Hadassah Medical Organization

After graduating from Hadassah Hospital, Dr. Nir-Paz began his career at Hadassah Medical Organization. Currently, Dr. Nir-Paz is serving as a senior physician in HMO’s Microbiology and Infectious Diseases department. Remember Ettie gave him special mention in her President’s Message? Click here to listen to his webinar.

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