June 2019

President’s Message

With so much news to compete with, I want to share a “feel good” news story that highlights Hadassah building bridges to peace. On a recent AIPAC visit to Hadassah Hospital, Senator Tina Smith, of Michigan, called Hadassah “an inspiration”. In the Pediatric Intensive Care Unit (PICU), she spoke with an American couple whose baby was undergoing treatment at Hadassah. The couple explained that the quality medical care their baby was receiving is supplied to them at no cost. Adjacent to the PICU, the Senator met with Dr. Uri Pollak, director of the Pediatric Cardiac Critical Care Unit, and heard about the circumstances that brought four patients—all babies from the Palestinian Authority—to Hadassah.

Professor Yoram Weiss, director of Hadassah Hospital Ein Kerem, warmly greeted the Senator and stressed Hadassah’s American roots. “We are proud to be a center of excellence established by American women”, he said. At the Senator’s request, Prof. Weiss also explained in detail how the national health care system works successfully in Israel.

Senator Smith also met with two Hadassah nurses, who talked about daily life in the hospital. Julia Benbenishty is senior trauma nurse and co-founder of Nurses of the Middle East. The mission of this organization is to bolster cooperation between Israeli and Palestinian nurses for the betterment of their patients. Benbenishty, sharing an image of Hadassah at its best, recalled an Arab nurse waiting to treat an orthodox Jewish patient until he finished praying with his tefillin. Hoyida Halil, a senior nurse, expressed movingly that there is no difference between Arabs and Jews at Hadassah. 

You can feel good about Hadassah’s vision which Annual Givers sustain. I couldn’t believe how surprisingly affordable it is to be a Chai Society member or Keeper of the Gate. Save the Date — October 27 — for Annual Giving Celebration.

Ettie Davis, President, Seattle Hadassah

Events Calendar

Wednesday June 12 & 26, 6:30pm Zionist Book Club

Join us for the last two gatherings of our discussions on The Zionist Ideas visions for the Jewish Homeland – Then, Now, Tomorrow By Gil Troy.

We will be discussing Cultural Zionism on June 12th and Diaspora Zionism on June 26th. 

It is not necessary to have attended previous discussions to join us. These events are held at private homes. Signup to receive the address.

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What People are Saying

About the May 6 Thrive: Be the CEO of Your Financial Health

A dialogue between Miri Azose Tilson, Financial Advisor, Morgan Stanley & Sarah Schmitt CPA, MST.

With appreciation to Lea Lipman, who opened her home and provided the most delicious food.

Cathy Mitchell said:

“I met the most extraordinary, diverse group of women.  I felt immediately at home. The subject matter was thoughtfully discussed by experts. Questions were answered honestly, and with empathy, kindness and respect.”

Elise Hay said: 

“Miri and Sarah’s presentation was incredibly informative. They shared impactful takeaways about how important it is for women to be involved in all aspects of ones finances: from ensuring all accounts are joint between both spouses to having a will, they emphasized simple, actionable steps that can have profound impact on a family. As a mother to two young girls, I was reminded how important it is to be a strong female role model in all aspects of my life, including my role in managing my family’s finances.”

Advocacy Updates

Stand Up with Hadassah for Reproductive Choice

Write letters to elected officials by clicking on the National Action Center. We have new messages for Congress, state legislators and Governors.

In the future, if you would like to mobilize for such rallies as the anti-abortion rally, please let our advocacy chair know by clicking here.

Why Annual Giving Matters to Me!
Deni Hirsh, Fundraising VP and her husband

My husband and I moved to the Seattle area less than a year and a half ago. As you can imagine, moving to a new place with no familiar faces is daunting! I was a little lost … and then I was introduced to Seattle Hadassah.

When I say that I found MY PEOPLE, I truly mean it! I quickly became involved on the 2018 Gala fundraising committee and agreed to take on the role of Fundraising VP when Ettie became President. I want to share my passion for Israel and Hadassah with you and show you how easy it is to become an Annual Giver!

With an annual commitment of $180, it just takes $15 a month to become a member of Hadassah’s Chai Society! Becoming a Keeper of the Gate, with a commitment of $1,000 per year, can be accomplished by $83.33 per month. SO EASY … I’ve already signed up myself!

If you’re not already an Annual Giver, please consider joining me. We can each choose a comfortable level on a planned monthly basis or, optionally, once a year, whatever works best to help sustain Hadassah and ourselves!  In addition,  you’ll be a guest of honor at our Annual Giving Celebration on Sunday, October 27th!

I’ve been a fundraising professional for over 30 years, but I need YOUR HELP!

Please let me know if you would be willing to serve on our Annual Giving committee to help Ettie and me reach out to members and potential members … AND to help plan a FABULOUS celebration! 

Membership News

Welcome to New Life Member

  • Connie Rock

We Mourn the Passing of 

  • Marion Rothstein, mother of Shelley Bensussen
  • Ceda Wittenberg, mother of Amy, Lee and Ron Wittenberg

Tributes to Hadassah can be made online here.

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