July 2019

President’s Message

If you can’t come to Hadassah, then Hadassah comes to you! That was our goal as Susan Adler, immediate Past President, and I met with seniors in the Kline Galland Home’s Polack Adult Day Center on June 5th.  As I walked around the room, asking each person’s name and introducing myself, before the program began, I still had to prove who I was and why we were there. I explained that as the new President, I wanted to bring them a taste of the Hadassah Gala from last November.  I showed them the seating chart, telling them, “If you were assigned to tables 25, 26, or 27, you were not very happy with me, so this was your chance to move your chair to get a better view of the screen.” 

Who knew the artist, Marc Chagall?  Hands raised. Because he donated his Chagall Windows to Hadassah Hospital’s Abell Chapel, we used pictures of them along with pictures of patients as Gala table centerpieces.  These we passed around, everyone tenderly lingering before handing them on, one gentleman resting a card on his chest (alright, he was dozing :). Over and over, you could hear four women proudly calling out, “I’m a Life Member of Hadassah!”

Some individuals knew the Gala honorees, Lisa & Norman Behar.  After watching the video, “Research in Service to Humanity”, the buzz word became “stem cells”, based on the kind of research Hadassah is doing.  Watching people’s smiling faces, what transported them out of their seats and into the lobby of Hadassah’s newest building—the Sarah Wetsman Davidson Tower—was the melodious “Tchaikovsky Flashwaltz” video.  In case you missed this melodious 5-minute video at the end of the Gala, click here to enjoy it.  We watched it twice, humming as we headed to lunch.

Looking forward to seeing you at a Hadassah Summer Meet & Greet,

Ettie Davis, President, Seattle Hadassah

Events Calendar

Thursday, July 25, 6:30pm Zionist Book Club

Join us for the last two gatherings of our discussions on The Zionist Ideas visions for the Jewish Homeland – Then, Now, Tomorrow By Gil Troy.

We will be discussing Diaspora Zionism. 

It is not necessary to have attended previous discussions to join us. These events are held at private homes. Signup to receive the address.

Signup Here

Sunday, September 8, 11am
A FUNdraiser presented by Hadassah Redmond Ridge


Registration Begins at 10:30am

Each group – please bring your own mahjong set and table cover, bridge cards, poker set, rummikub set, cards, dominoes, etc. to play your game.

Signup Here

Date: TBD
Meet & Greet

Besides being a fundraising organization, Hadassah is a social organization.  Do you want to meet other Hadassah members who may live within a few miles of your house?  Neighborhood Meet & Greets could be in someone’s home, a Starbuck’s or other coffee shop.

It’s a big job to try to connect people, but it’s a worthwhile goal and you can help.  If you are interested, please click here.   We’d like to get started this summer. 

Date: TBD
Ruth Fast in Conversation with Pamela Lavitt

In keeping with Seattle Hadassah’s “Thrive series:  Be the CEO of Your Life”, we are fortunate to have the opportunity to honor Ruth Fast, who epitomizes what it means to thrive and stay vibrant as she looks forward to turning 99 soon. Rescued from the Nazis by Hadassah-sponsored Youth Aliyah in then Palestine, Ruth has come to hold every position in Seattle Chapter Hadassah.

Plans are underway for a birthday celebration highlighted by Pamela Lavitt’s special touch. We want to make sure Ruth has a good time as she shares her wisdom for a life well-lived and her memories that include “doing every job in Hadassah”.

Fundraising Updates

I embrace the bold dream that drives Hadassah’s enduring vision – build bridges of peace through medicine.  “Dare to dream”, Henrietta Szold charged us. “And, when you dream, dream big.” For me, my connection to Hadassah is all about the research.   In the four years I had the privilege to serve as your Chapter President, I had a front row seat, as do you, to seeing this dream turn into reality.   Every time Hadassah announces a courageous new research breakthrough –from clinical trials for Alzheimer’s and MS, to the operations in utero that have saved the lives of the tiniest infants, Henrietta’s dream comes to life.   This is why I am an Annual Giver. 

Hadassah Medical Organization is our hospital; it belongs to all of us!  Take my hand and come with me on this journey. See for yourself. Let Ettie and me know when you will next be in Jerusalem and we will arrange for you to see this dream first-hand.  Come and meet our integrated research team of Arab and Israeli doctors and researchers. Register for the next conference call on medical breakthroughs to hear their voices and pose your questions.  Every contribution makes a difference. My heartfelt thanks to everyone who chooses to become an Annual Giver.

Susan Adler
Immediate Past President

Membership News

Welcome Transferring Members

  • Rachel Lowenstein-Janacek
  • Cynthia Zomer

Mazel Tov To

  • Talby and Bob Gelb on the birth of their granddaughter, Quin.

We Mourn the Passing of 

  • Cecilia Willner, mother of Sherry Feuer
  • Mary Ellen Strote
  • Arnold Horwich, father of Carrie Horwitch
  • Florence Rothbaum Amster, mother-in-law of Shelly Shapiro
  • Stacie Shulman, step daughter of Ginny Shulman

Tributes to Hadassah can be made online here.

Do you have news of family events to share with us? We are happy to include announcements about weddings, bar and bat mitzvahs, birthdays, births, and passings in the Membership News section of our monthly newsletter. Please send notices to Seattle@hadassah.org.

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