January 2021

President’s Message

Let’s start 2021 with what matters:  Hope.  First, is the U.S. rolling out vaccines that offer hope we can believe in. We still mask-up and social distance.  While Israel is also receiving the Pfizer and Moderna vaccines,  medical centers, such as Hadassah, continue to participate in longer-term clinical trials with Brilife, the COVID-19 vaccine developed by the Israel Institute for Biological Research.

Second, is Hadassah research that offers hope for dealing with other diseases that have plagued us for too long.   I truly encourage you to visit www.hadassah.org  and put in the “Search” box “Fifty Shades of Health: A Journey Into the Future of Medicine.”

Third, is your pride in belonging to Hadassah, an organization that offers hope for the future.  Your membership says you care about healing the world and you want Hadassah to be successful.  I want to thank each one of you for the support you have shown me as president these past two years, giving of your time, financial contributions, and constructive criticism.  I’m looking forward to getting to work with more of you in my third year under the theme of “Hadassah, The Power to Heal Our World Together.”

Full of hope,

Ettie Davis, President

Upcoming Programs

S A V E   T H E    D A T E
April 18, 2021

Hadassah Virtual Gala

Seattle Hadassah wants to recognize local nurses making a difference. Do you know of someone you want to recognize? Let us know

Genealogy and Genetics
January 20, 7:00pm

”Hadassah: The Power to Heal Our World. Together” Presents

Carol Oseran Starin

Jessica Mandell, MS, LCGC

Join us virtually for our 2021 kick-off program which brings to life the recent Hadassah Magazine cover story.  We’re delighted to have experienced, local people speak to both the Genealogy and the Genetics piece.

Carol Oseran Starin, Seattle native, taught in religious and public schools on two coasts. She was a Supervisor of student teachers at the University of Washington and Director of the Jewish Education Council at the Jewish Federation.  Her weekly columns, “Let Me Count the Ways: Practical Innovations for Jewish Teachers”, were published in two volumes.

“From Pandemic to Pandemic:  Finding our stories”

Remembering is a way of healing: Jews remember by telling stories. Carol will outline 24 resources and strategies for finding our family stories.

Jessica Mandell, MS, LCGC, is a certified genetic counselor with over 20 years of experience coordinating research on inherited cancer, schizophrenia, deafness and autism for Dr. Mary-Claire King at the University of Washington. When Dr. King discovered the BRCA1 and BRCA2 genes in the mid-1990s, Jessica co-directed the New York Breast Cancer Study, the preeminent research on the impact of the BRCA genes in the Ashkenazi Jewish population. Jessica is an expert in interpreting genetic testing technologies and genetic variants on disease predisposition. and She has worked with thousands of families to navigate clinical and research genetic testing helping to interpret test results, balance medical and emotional decision-making for disease screening and prevention and share information with relatives about familial inheritance.

“Genetic Genealogy:  Your Ancestry and Your Health”

Ancestry testing based on our DNA can tell us more than where we come from. It also can give clues to certain traits we have and suggest risks for certain health conditions. But is testing right for you and are the results accurate? Explore how these tests really read our DNA, how to assess the pros and cons of different testing companies, how to interpret the meaning of various personal and genetic test results and how to clarify your goals for testing so you can choose a test that fits your needs.

Register Here

Connections 2021
Sunday, January 31, 11:00am

Join us at the virtual Hadassah Table on Sunday, January 31, for the largest philanthropic gathering of Jewish women in the Pacific Northwest, at Connections!  Be inspired by the Federation’s work and learn how you make all their work possible. As a special bonus, you’ll get to hear from Lacey Schwartz Delgado, the producer and subject of Little White Lie, a documentary about her own amazing story. Lacey was raised as an Ashkenazi Jew, only to discover that her mother had an affair and Lacey is actually part African American! Watch her documentary here.

We really hope you and your friends can join us at the Hadassah Table for this uplifting event.

Other News
What a fun evening meeting Sigal Gavish, the new Regional Director of the Israeli American Council (IAC)!  Here are a few comments:

“Sigal is an engaging speaker and it was great to hear more about IAC.  As a lifetime Hadassah member who hasn’t been engaged other than attending annual galas, it was great to see the folks on the call who I haven’t seen live in so many months.”

“Thank you for this lovely and lively talk. Great story & hearing about her family. Also learning about how Israelis celebrate Chanukah. “

“Adds more thoughts about others I may know who may have an interest in joining Hadassah.”

Get your 2021 Mah Jongg Card and Support Hadassah

Thank goodness for Mah Jongg in 2020!  Many of you have enjoyed online games and outdoor games.  For those that haven’t been able to play, we know you will be back at it soon.  Thank you for supporting Seattle Chapter Hadassah when you purchase your cards. 

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Membership News

Welcome New Members:

  • Sigal Gavish

  • Karen Rosenzweig

  • Sheryl Stern

  • Kathi Paluch

Welcome Transferring Members:

  • Jessica Pitasky

We Mourn the Passing of:

  • Isaac Behar, father of Lynne Behar and Norman (Lisa) Behar
  • Mark Caston, brother of Linda Krivosha

  • Teri Giangreco, husband of Tony Giangreco and mother of Lisa Giangreco and Anthony Giangreco

  • Morton Kuznetz, husband of Loretta Kuznetz, brother of Gerry Huppin, sister-in-law of Corrine Farber and father of Barbara Kuznetz