EVOLVE Kickoff

Building the membership pipeline of Hadassah Seattle

On Sunday¬†evening, just under two dozen young women convened at a home in Seward Park for Hadassah Seattle’s first EVOLVE event. EVOLVE will comprise quarterly events to attract first-time attendees and enlist new members.

The attendees mingled, heard testimonials of the Hadassah mission and pillars from active members, and discussed ways to participate as new members. Miri Tilson, host of the event and MC for the upcoming Annual Gala, shared words of wisdom on the palindrome of the Hebrew word “natan” for gift. With the transfer of a gift, both giver and receiver enjoy benefits. In the kick-off for this cohort, may the gift be in both directions, too – may the chapter benefit from new perspectives and these new members enjoy the sisterhood and lively engagement of established Seattle membership.