The Secret Rescue of Syrian Jews: The Story of Judy Feld Carr

  • Sunday, November 15, 2020
    10:00 am - 11:00 am

S a v e   t h e   D a t e

Canadian historian, Harold Troper, tells the remarkable story of one woman’s role in the rescue of 3,228 Syrian Jews from the 1970’s to 2001.  With danger and intrigue ever-present, Judy was “the best-kept secret in the Jewish world.”  She took the Holocaust lesson, “Never Again”, personally.

Judy Feld Carr. Photo: Mark Neiman/GPO

“Mrs. Judy, as she became known to the many who turned to her for help, is Judy Feld Carr, a twenty-five-year Canadian crusader on behalf of the Jews of Syria.  Working out of her home in Toronto, Mrs. Judy struggled to bring the plight of Syrian Jewry to the attention of the world and campaigned for their right to emigrate.  Less well known is that she was personally involved in ransoming thousands of Syrian Jews, covertly helping individual Jews and families find freedom…” — The Rescuer: The Amazing True Story of How One Woman Helped Save the Jews of Syria by Harold Troper

Her story shows how one person, filled with compassion and determination,  has the power to make a difference.  She could not ignore the message covertly delivered to her from three Aleppo rabbis, begging her:  “Our children are your children.  Get us out of here!”

About Our Speaker

Harold Troper

Harold Troper is the well-known Canadian historian whom Judy Feld Carr chose to write her story.  He has co-authored several award-winning books including None Is Too Many: Canada and the Jews of Europe (“one of the most important books ever published in Canada”–the Literary Review of Canada); Old Wounds: Jews, Ukrainians and the Hunt for Nazi War Criminals; and Immigrants: A Portrait of the Urban Experience. He is a Professor in the Department of Curriculum, Teaching and Learning at the University of Toronto.