April 2022 Newsletter

Like you, I have been responding to Hadassah’s continuing request for donations to Ukraine.  Like you, I have been following the response of Hadassah Medical Organization to this disastrous war.  Like you, I have been so proud to be part of an organization that brings such comfort:

“Reporting from the Polish border with Ukraine this week, Hadassah’s Dr Shaul Beyth, one of Israel’s most experienced orthopaedic surgeons, observed the Ukrainian refugees fleeing the conflict. He commented: “We see the despair on the refugees’ faces when they arrive at our clinic, but when they hear the name Hadassah they breathe easier. They know that (despite the dark circumstances) there is someone they can trust and rely on.”

Beyond medical teams and medical supplies, did you know what the Polish hospitals requested?

“At the request of local hospitals in the cities close to the Polish-Ukrainian border…

March 2022

According to Google search trends of 2021, what do you think was the fifth most searched recipe in the entire country?  Yep, hamantaschen. Leah of, is sharing her own recipe here. Another website I visited was Here I learned that while many of us grew up with the German or Yiddish word “tasch,” meaning “pocket,” “tash” means “weaken” in Hebrew.  So, whether you’re eating Haman’s pockets, Haman weakeners or Haman’s ears (Oznei Haman), they all taste delicious.

February 2022

President’s Message The Z word.  When I began my first year as President, back in January 2019 BC (Before Covid), I was already concerned about how people were responding to Zionism and asked Kindra Cooper to lead us in a conversation entitled: “What is that Zionist piece in our name, Hadassah, the Women’s Zionist Organization of America?” …

January 2022

President’s Message 2         0          2          2             I’ve always been interested in having a plan to reach a goal I valued.  So, when I first became a grandparent, I was excited to start a 529 College Savings Plan. …

December 2021

President’s Message               Newly confirmed US Ambassador to Israel Tomas Nides | Screenshot: YouTube Do you recognize him?  He’s Tom Nides, new US Ambassador to Israel as of November 3.  Nominated by President Biden back in June, Nides’s qualifications were generally accepted as impeccable.  Following a nearly 10-month period in …