August 2020

President’s Message

It is with heartbreaking sadness that we mourn the passing of David Adler z”l, whose untimely Covid-related death, July 14,  has really hit home the terrible ravage of this pandemic. While many of us in Hadassah got to know David through Susan—his wife of forty-seven years— it was beautifully obvious how much he adored her and how proud he was of her assuming leadership roles in Seattle Hadassah, always there supporting her any way he could.  This says so much about him.

He will not be forgotten by this Hadassah family, nor by his own extended family and decades-long close friends, who shared at shivas—together with Hadassah friends— the most endearing stories of David’s kindness, his love of the law, and above all other things, his love of his family.  Oh so proud of his sons, both Josh and Ben admitted how much they will miss their Dad’s call—without fail every Friday—to wish each a “Good Shabbos”.

Passionate for justice, tzedek, David worked tirelessly for years as a civil rights lawyer in Washington, DC, which I never knew, but then David was never one to brag about himself.  Helping to repair the world is a way to translate grief into healing and justice.  When I asked Susan how best to memorialize David, she suggested donations to Hadassah Medical Organization (HMO) Research.  For online donations, please click here.

For mail-in donations:

Seattle Hadassah   140 Lakeside Ave Ste A#36
Seattle, WA  98122

In sympathy,

Ettie Davis, President

Events Calendar

Hadassah West Coast’s Virtual Annual Giving Event
Sunday, August 16, 10am

This Special event includes guests,
live via Zoom from Tel Aviv and New York.

Read More about it and Sign Up Here.

One Book, One Hadassah – The Book of V
Thursday, August 20, 4-45pm and 5:15-5:45pm

The next selection for our new national book club, “One Book, One Hadassah,” is The Book of V, which will feature a live interview with author Anna Solomon, author of the acclaimed novel Leaving Lucy Pear.

Register for the national discussion which begins  at 4pm here

Join the local discussion, led by our own Gillian Witus, beginning at 5:15 here

Other News

National Hadassah News

As members of Seattle Chapter, 5 delegates attended the virtual National Annual Business Meeting on July 14.  Following is a link to allow you to see highlights from the outstanding speakers.  Especially in this time of COVID, it’s important to know Hadassah’s positions on the US-Israel medical partnerships, COVID-19.  Click here:  2020 National Meeting Speakers Here.

Surprise Me

Surprise!  We’re Hadassah nurses, all masked up.  In The Book of V., reviewer Sara Lippmann notes that “everyone is playing a part, self-appointed or culturally prescribed.  Masks serve a purpose, protecting the vulnerable self from the outside world.”  Try reading the book on kindle, if that works for you, and prepare to be surprised in your read.  The Book of V is reviewed in the current Hadassah Magazine, page 46. 
The Branch

What a treat you are in for at the West Coast Annual Giving event Aug. 16. Surprise!  While you only hear her on The Branch podcasts, you will get to see Dina Kraft in conversation at this event.  As a veteran journalist currently based in Tel Aviv, Dina is a renowned expert on current Israeli politics and culture. She is someone who truly understands the notion of peaceful coexistence that is at the heart of The Branch. Whether you are a devoted listener to The Branch or not, come hear Dina Kraft talk about some of the many amazing Jews and Arabs in Israel forging meaningful relationships…even though it’s complicated.  Here’s a link to The Branch Season 2, Episode 1:  The Corona Chronicles.

Surprise Program Clue #1

“I was the best-kept secret in the Jewish world.  Nobody, but nobody, knew what I was doing.”

Connecting with Others

As members of Hadassah, you may choose—at no extra charge— to belong to Professional Councils and receive special invitations to speakers in your area of expertise as well as updates.  At this time, most of the benefits of belonging are through virtual experiences. 

Nurses & Allied Health Professionals

Enhance and support the nursing and health professions in the US and Israel by being a part of the Nurses & Allied Health Professionals Council. Learn from and support each other. Advocate for educational, social and professional issues. Take action on nursing and healthcare topics that matter to you.  

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Membership News

Mazel Tov to:

  • Ruth Fast on Celebrating her 100th Birthday on August 20. So glad we had that fantastic tea for Ruth last year on her 99th. 

We Mourn the Passing of:

  • David Adler, husband of Seattle Hadassah Past President Susan Adler, father of Joshua (Julie) Adler and Benjamin Adler.
  • Rosamond Adler, mother -in -law of Seattle Hadassah Past President Susan Adler, grandmother of Joshua (Julie) Adler and Benjamin Adler
  • Diane Lilly, wife of Mason Lilly, mother of Susan Lilly, Barbara Horovitz, Joel Lilly and Elizabeth Lilly.
  • Ina Willner, mother of Andrew Willner, Stuart Willner, Daniel Willner and Patricia Willner-Martin. As a young woman, Ina was a leader in Hadassah.