August 2019

President’s Message

I started reading Melinda Gates’s new book, The Moment of Lift: How Empowering Women Changes the World. Early on in her book, I took the following question to heart: “What do you know now in a deeper way than you knew it before?” Having just returned from the 99th Hadassah Convention, “Mission Possible”, I knew before the convention I wanted to be part of Hadassah to feel connected to Israel, Jewish values and to take on a leadership role.

In my post-convention reflections, all that nice teacher-talk voice inside me seemed trite. I learned that without the power—the deep power of emotion, passion, and heart—I wouldn’t get very far. Over and over, the Hadassah Convention deepened my passion for this amazing organization.  Two stories stood out. There was the story of how fifteen years ago, Hadassah member Katie Edelstein, from Bellingham, donated her kidney to a Long Island member, Belle Simon, someone who was a virtual stranger except for being a Hadassah member. With the two friends together on stage, Katie modestly explained, “I did it because I learned from Hadassah that I can make a difference.” Inspired by Katie’s story, I invited her to join us at the 99th Birthday Celebration for Ruth Fast on August 25th. I am hopeful Katie will be able to join us.

Another story that deepened my passion for Hadassah’s mission was shared by Hadassah member, Bari Weiss. Bari grew up in Tree of Life Synagogue and happens to be a young and powerful writer for the New York Times. I know combating anti-Semitism is a Hadassah priority, so when Weiss told it like it is—“Jews are in hiding in America, hiding their Jewishness”— she had me listening from deep in my heart. Her response: “The most profound and transformative way to fight anti-Semitism is by doing Jewish…we need to feel like we are a part of the Jewish story.” Hadassah offers us that opportunity. Look for Bari Weiss’s book, How To Fight anti-Semitism, coming out in September. Also in September, you don’t want to miss our program on the heart—it could save your life.

Ettie Davis, President, Seattle Hadassah

Events Calendar

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Wednesday, August 14, 7pm
Meet & Greet in North Seattle

Join us at this pilot program in North Seattle.

Connect with other Hadassah members living near you and hear about the exciting plans for the upcoming year.

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Tuesday, August 20, 7pm
Meet & Greet on the East Side

Join us at this pilot program on the East Side.

Connect with other Hadassah members living near you and hear about the exciting plans for the upcoming year.

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Sunday, August 25, 4pm
Ruth Fast, in Conversation with Pamela Lavitt

In keeping with Seattle Hadassah’s “Thrive series:  Be the CEO of Your Life”, we are fortunate to have the opportunity to honor Ruth Fast, who epitomizes what it means to thrive and stay vibrant as she looks forward to turning 99 soon. Rescued from the Nazis by Hadassah-sponsored Youth Aliyah in then Palestine, Ruth has come to hold every position in Seattle Chapter Hadassah.

Plans are underway for a birthday celebration highlighted by Pamela Lavitt’s special touch. We want to make sure Ruth has a good time as she shares her wisdom for a life well-lived and her memories that include “doing every job in Hadassah”.

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Sunday, September 8, 11am
A FUNdraiser presented by Hadassah Redmond Ridge


Registration Begins at 10:30am

Each group – please bring your own mahjong set and table cover, bridge cards, poker set, rummikub set, cards, dominoes, etc. to play your game.

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Wednesday, September 18, 6:30pm
Thrive: Be the CEO of Your Health

Matters of the Heart
with Dr. Sarah Speck, MD, FACC

Dr. Speck, M.D., is a cardiologist and the medical director of cardiac rehabilitation and prevention services at the Swedish Heart & Vascular Institute.  She received the Myrtle Wreath Award by the Pacific Northwest Region of Hadassah for Outstanding Work in the field of women and heart disease in 2006. Dr. Speck’s conversation with us will include the life-saving Warning Signs of a Heart Attack in Women.   “I want to give people the tools to live the best life they can, because nothing is more important than health…” This is a program for women of all ages that we are privileged to offer our Hadassah members and friends.  

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  • Ilyse Rosenberg

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  • Alice Adell
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  • Florence Begun
  • Samantha Schwarz

We Mourn the Passing of 

  • Marvin Negrin, Associate Hadassah member, husband of Saralyn Negrin and father of Julie, Andy and Rick Negrin and Laura Haleva
  • Bev Blum, wife of Peter Blum, mother of Steven Blum and sister of Susan Goldsmith Benyowitz
  • Laz Lazarus, son of Patty Lazarus, Jonathan Lazarus and brother of Jake and Micah
  • Leonard Goldberg, husband of Dolly Goldberg and father of Ken, Jerry and Michelle, National Hadassah Board Member
  • Myra Franklin, mother of Jon, Benci and Seth Franklin
  • Berlette Tice, mother of Larry Tice and mother-in-law of Hadassah member Carol Tice

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