A Hadassah Hurrah to Leah Gladstein

A Hadassah Hurrah!
To Leah Gladstein, Rosh Hashanah Cooking Demo

Just a few days before Rosh Hashanah, Leah Gladstein’s Cooking Demo offered us culinary advice as well as the opportunity to “zoom-see” friendly faces and wish a Shana Tovah to each other.  For those of us who are Ashkenazic, this was the first time hearing about the Sephardic tradition of a Seder at Rosh Hashanah.  Leah prepared her family recipe for Prasa (Sephardi Leek Patties), one of the simanim (Seder foods) to enjoy at their Seder.  Leah said the Fish Con Tomat she prepared could be used as a simanim or as part of the meal.  

Thank you so much, Leah, for sharing your expertise and warm personality with Hadassah.

To view this cooking demo click here