A Hadassah Hurrah to Rochelle Kochin for Beersheva Hadassah Hospice Program!

To Rochelle Kochin for Beersheva Hadassah Hospice Program

What a wonderful opportunity to hear about another side of Hadassah’s work, so lovingly described by Rochelle’s daughter-in-law, social worker Anna Kochin, and Director, Jeremy Jacobs who wrote this lovely note: 

Dear Rochelle,
It was  a pleasure to speak to you all and share some of our  experiences. It is good to know that we have friends out there !!
Jeremy Jacobs

פרופגרמי גקובסמנהל המחלקה לגריאטריה שיקומית והמרכז לטיפול תומך, ביהח הדסה הר הצופים

Prof Jeremy M Jacobs  –  Head of Department of Geriatric Rehabilitation and the Center for Palliative Care
Hadassah Hebrew University Hospital, Mount Scopus