Healing the World Depends on Us: Operation Tikkun Olam

Operation Tikkun Olam

Recently, Central Mexico suffered a devastating earthquake. Nearly 400 people were killed, more than 6,000 were injured, and more than 40 buildings collapsed. In the aftermath, the country faced a mounting humanitarian crisis.

Living out our value of tikkun olam — healing the world — the Hadassah Medical Organization (HMO) responded rapidly, sending Dr. Esti Galili-Weisstub, one of the world’s top experts on adolescent post-traumatic stress disorder syndrome (PTSD), to the field.

For children and adolescents especially, the earthquake was devastating. They lost their homes, their loved ones, and their sense of security and well-being. They needed care, support, and compassion.

Dr. Galili-Weisstub got to work immediately and conducted an on-site evaluation and worked with the Mexican government to formulate a plan to manage the long-term trauma and devastation. She provided crisis-intervention training to Ministry of Health officials, Children’s Hospital staff, teachers, and many others.Join Our Efforts. Help Ensure the Well-Being of Those in NeedDr. Galili-Weisstub also met with psychologists and counselors on the front lines of the disaster and shared her expertise in how best to treat children and their families. She trained the front-line team on the most up-to-date methodologies for treating trauma and its consequences: from early diagnosis and immediate psychological care, to the necessity for long-term follow up.

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Hadassah’s work is about more than just providing immediate care in Israel. Like Dr. Galili-Weisstub, HMO doctors’ advanced knowledge makes an impact wherever they go, building the skill sets of local medical teams around the world, when and where it’s needed the most.

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