November 2018

President’s Message

It’s election season in America, but the voting is not quite over….
Your “vote” for Hadassah counts as soon as you register for our November 18 gala brunch.
The poll numbers are looking good; the room is nearly full.  November 12 is the final deadline to reserve your place.  Register now.
Each of us is invested in Hadassah’s courageous mission; together, and every day, we build bridges to peace through medicine. 
There are only winners in this campaign; the ayes have it.  Your support matters….more than ever before.
Our goal is ambitious, but Seattle Hadassah’s army of more than 75 talented gala volunteers is undaunted; they exemplify the power of women who “do.”
If you have already “voted” to be with us on November 18, thank you!  And if you have been waiting to invite a friend to accompany you, the time is now. 
We are now in countdown to our final tally.  I so look forward to seeing you!

Susan Adler signature.png
Susan Adler, President, Seattle Hadassah

“I am Ettie Davis, Gala Chair, and I approve this message.”

Fall Brunch Gala

November 18, 2018, 11-2pm: Fall Brunch Gala

Join us as we honor Lisa and Norm Behar, beloved Hadassah members and long time Seattle Jewish community volunteers. Also learn the wonderful Hadassah story of Washington State Representative Tana Senn and share the thrill of how Hadassah saved the life of Ilana Weismark.

Register Today!


Who’s Afraid of the Big, Bad Word? Reclaiming Zionism.

I recently returned home from Israel, where I was traveling with Hadassah’s Milestone Mission, celebrating 100 years of the Hadassah Hospital at Mt. Scopus, 100 years of the Hadassah School of Nursing, and 70 years of the State of Israel. I was privileged to visit both Hadassah hospitals, the Western Wall, Hadassah’s Meir Shfeya Youth Village, the detention camp at Atlit (where British authorities detained Jewish refugees seeking safety after the Second World War), the beaches of Tel Aviv, The Center for Israeli Innovation, the Old City of Jerusalem, and many other breathtaking sights and locations. I also had the immense pleasure of studying with our Mission’s scholar-in residence, Gil Troy, a professor of history at McGill University.

Kindra Cooper and Professor Gil Troy
Kindra Cooper and Professor Gil Troy

Professor Troy recently published an updated version of the 1959 anthology The Zionist Idea by Arthur Hertzberg. His modern volume is entitled The Zionist Ideas: Visions for the Jewish Homeland—Then, Now, Tomorrow. It includes period Zionist writings by female authors omitted from the original publication, including an essay by Hadassah founder Henrietta Szold, and writings from modern diaspora Zionists as well. Professor Troy has generously supplied Hadassah with a guide to his anthology for local chapters interested in exploring the “Zionist Ideas” in a book club setting. (Seattle Chapter members: stay tuned for an announcement on this front.) Read More

Membership News

Welcome Home:

  • Kindra Cooper and Michele Goldberg from participating in Hadassah’s Milestone Mission to Israel.

Congratulations to:

  • Mazel Tov to Wendy Bensussen on the birth of her twin grandsons, Ezra and Alexander
  • Mazel Tov Kindra Cooper on being recognized by Hadassah as an advocate extraordinaire. Read about it here.

Condolences to the following members:

  • Karen Mannering on the loss of her husband, Randall Cohen.
  • Sandy Samuel on the loss of her mother, Miriam Samuel.
  • Tracy Sigmon on the loss of her mother-in-law.
  • Jackie Goldfarb on the loss of her brother-in-law, Keith Goldfarb.

Do you have news of family events to share with us? We are happy to include announcements about weddings, bar and bat mitzvahs, birthdays, births, and passings in the Membership News section of our monthly newsletter. Please send notices to Tributes to Hadassah can be made online here.

Can you Help? Volunteers Needed!

Seattle Hadassah is looking for help with a variety of projects, some ongoing, some one-time jobs. There are many ways to get involved and tasks of all sizes. If you have a couple of hours on your hands, volunteering with Seattle Hadassah is a great way to connect with other Jewish women, support the work of Hadassah Medical Organization, and show your support for Israel. Check out our volunteer opportunities below. Click the links below for additional details.


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